An Interview With the Owner: Meet Charlotte!

Published by: K@ren on Monday, 16 May
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  • In this month’s edition of our ‘Interview With the Owner’ series, we chatted to Charlotte Paterson. Charlotte is the owner of Microenterprise ‘Creatorr’s World’. She is an author and artist currently working on self-publishing a children’s book. We sat down with Charlotte to chat about her journey so far and her goals for the future.


    Hi Charlotte, can you tell us about your business?

    Charlotte: My business is called Creatorr’s World. It’s a business where I write stories, including children’s stories. I’ll get to read them out to kids in libraries and hopefully at other events.

    What made you want to start a business?

    Charlotte: Well, back when COVID first started, I was writing millions and millions of stories. Movies and TV shows inspire my writing- they help me to get an idea of storylines and developing characters. I take inspiration from my own life too.

    I thought that I wanted to do this as a business one day. We slowly started gathering some ideas of what I could do. I published my first story (in Carers WA’s ‘Talking Space’) and got to read it out loud in the library. I really enjoyed it and was very proud. I was nervous, but once I read it out, I felt better. I didn’t stutter once! It was terrifying and awesome at the same time!

    I hope I can succeed with writing in the future.

    What’s your favourite thing about owning a business?

    Charlotte: My favourite thing so far is that I get to work on my new story, ‘Where’s Phoebe?’.

    I’m still just trying to work on fully finishing it, and when I do, I get to send it off to be illustrated and printed to be turned into an actual book. My neighbour’s cat was named Phoebe and I loved to cuddle her – I’ve been planning this story in my head ever since then.

    Who supports you with your business, and how?

    Charlotte: My business assistant Amy, and Rachel (my Advisor) from Valued Lives both support this business. The support Valued Lives has given me has just been amazing and I hope they support me in the future. My parents also support me with many other things!

    Carers WA printed my story in their book Talking Space – they support sharing Autistic stories. I also have a grant (from One2One Inc) to help me with money to get my book illustrated.

    When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?

    Charlotte: I do work experience in a library, horse riding and jiu-jitsu. I am also part of a drama group, a youth group and the Variety Choir. I love drawing and writing in my art book. I’ve got a few things on!

    What goals do you have for the future?

    Charlotte: Reading my book in school libraries! In high school, I used to do work experience in a school library. I was mainly there to stock the shelves, but once I got the chance to read stories to kids, it took me back to happy memories of being little, when mum and dad would read stories to me. It also helps me to overcome my anxiety and stuttering. It makes me feel happy.

    Is there a message you’d like to share to others who may want to have their own Microenterprise in the future?

    Charlotte: Follow your passion! Whether it’s writing, arts, or something else, follow your dreams and see how it works out.

    You can follow Charlotte’s journey and find out more about her upcoming book by finding her on Facebook.

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