An Interview with the Owner: Meet Kieran!

Published by: K@ren on Friday, 08 April
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  • In this month’s ‘Interview with the Owner’, we chatted to Kieran, the owner of Kieran’s Can Collection. Kieran offers a recycling service to customers across Perth’s Northern coastal suburbs, collecting cans and bottles from homes and businesses. Kieran, joined by his Advisor Marcus, sat down with us to chat about his journey and business goals, and even shared some recycling advice for his customers!

    Hi Kieran! Can you tell us about your business?

    Kieran: I collect cans and bottles and recycle them to help the environment. I like sorting, counting, and best of all, I receive a cash payment for returning them! This will help me to pay my bills, like my gas bill, electric bill, and my car and petrol. As I plan to move out of home soon, this money will also help me to live my life.

    I started in November 2021, on my 22nd birthday last year. I had my photo taken with Marcus and the team at Grill’d Hillarys – that’s where my business was started.

    What’s your favourite thing about owning a business?

    Kieran with recycling bags

    Kieran: I like collecting empty cans and bottles, like Coke and water bottles, and picking them up from schools, houses and football clubs.

    My uniform is a nice red with large font on the label – Marcus helped me to design it and get it printed. I love wearing the shirt because it reminds me of my first day of job.

    Who supports you with your business?

    Kieran: At the moment, I have 10 customers and I’m very grateful that Valued Lives support me, because I collect empty cans and water bottles from both the Belmont Hub and Willagee Hubs.

    Chris (Kieran’s support worker) normally takes me in his van or car to pick up cans and bottles and drop them off. He’s created more customers for me and I thank him for that!

    When I started with Marcus, we began by sitting down on a bench in Hillarys to sort out plans for my business, including applying for a grant from 121 Inc.

    Nice! When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?

    Kieran: I enjoy doing chores for my mum, like doing the leaves in the garden and cleaning out the pool. I like going on YouTube and learning about fixing Walkmans. I am also interested in 3D printing. I play with North Beach Football Club and train at the gym too!

    I go for my driving test next week. When I get my license, I might like to go out for a Sunday morning drive in my van one day. I like driving past the beach where my grandparents walked. After I get my license, I could even take my sister Erin to McDonalds, or I could take my brother to work.

    What are some goals you have for the future?

    Kieran: I would like to get more customers so I can pick up more cans soon – I would like to go to education support centers and schools, as well as customer’s homes, to collect them. Customers do not have to be home at the time of pick-up – they can also leave them outside for me.

    Kieran and Marcus emptying Kieran's bin

    I pick up in suburbs surrounding Padbury, Mullaloo, Greenwood, Duncraig, Sorrento and Carine. I am hoping to gain more customers in the coming months. I’d also like to occasionally buy some lotto tickets!

    Marcus: Kieran has told me that he’d like to build up customer base so that he can one day donating money back to the community, as well as looking into getting a van one day for bulk recycling, to be picked up from people’s houses.

    What makes your business unique?

    Kieran: I’m a happy worker!

    Marcus: Kieran’s mission is to make recycling easy. This service is convenient and allows people to help their community and the environment.

    What’s one thing you want to share with your customers about recycling their cans and bottles with Kieran’s Can Collection?

    Kieran: It’s best to take the lids off the plastic bottles so I don’t have to go through them. Also, make sure you wash your hands after you’ve finished putting them in the bin!

    Interested in registering as a customer with Kieran’s Can Collection? Find Kieran on Facebook to learn more, or get in touch via email: .

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